Management Accounting Service

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Level 45 Management Accounting Service provides business with an opportunity to engage the equivalent of an internal accountant to prepare, monitor and develop financial information at regular intervals. Having this information provides businesses with the ability to:

  • Set the right pathway for their enterprise;
  • Compare actual performance against predetermined goals; and
  • Rectify any problem areas as they arise.

Our service includes:

Financial Plan

One-off preparation of a financial plan which includes detailed budgets for use in the management of the business and as a means of comparison against actual performance. This includes development of key non-financial indicators vital in the peak performance of any business.

Regular Monitoring

Ongoing regular monitoring and reporting service, whereby your financial performance is analysed each period and comparison made against set targets. The results are reported to the business owner in plain simple language.

Strategic Review

Review and analysis of business financial performance to identify problems, causes and trends to assist management with their decision making.