Superannuation Service

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Level 45 believes in the use of superannuation as a vehicle to create wealth.

We have intimate level of knowledge in the area and provide a number of services to assist.

Decision Making

We assist you with looking at how adequate your superannuation is, how it is performing and whether you have special needs for a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). We also have several 45connect Preferred Partners if you require more specialist superannuation services.


If you have a special need for a SMSF, then we assist with the establishment of a Fund, along with rolling over of your money from your existing superannuation provider.

Where performance is a problem, then we will refer you to one of our 45connect Partners to review and address the problem.

If you believe that this area of your financial life is not adequate to meet your long term goals, then we will work with you to formulate a plan to increase the level of wealth.

SMSF Administration

We provide a full SMSF administration service to manage day to day record keeping and annual regulatory requirements.

SMSF Borrowing

Opportunities are now available to use superannuation with borrowing as a means of increasing your wealth. The government now allows a superannuation fund to borrow money to acquire several qualifying assets.

We have extensive experience in this area. We can assist you from start to finish in setting up a SMSF borrowing structure. We assist in setting up a Fund, organising the legal documentation and liaising with a bank to obtain the funds required.