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At Level 45 Accounting & Business Management we believe in providing the very best for our clients. To do this, we have assembled a very experienced client management team that are very knowledgeable about accounting, tax and business management, can produce results and will speak to our clients in simple financial language. Below are very brief biographies of our main team members (they are brief because we do not like to talk about ourselves, we rather help our clients).

Collectively, we are very experienced in our fields, like to foster long term relationships as exemplified by the number of years we have worked together and finally we all care for all those we deal with.

In addition to our core management, we have a number of independent contractors that assist our firm with day to day production, along with a number of external consultants that are experts in their field. These consultants supplement and add to the level of expertise present at Level 45 Accounting & Business Management.


Eddie is a Chartered Accountant. His role within Level 45 Accounting & Business Management is to build a unique advisory business that provides solutions to businesses and individuals alike to increase income, create more time and greater wealth.

Eddie is the chief client manager, developer of new services and assistant to Level 45’s team of angels that deal with our clients on a day to day basis.

He has worked a long time in the industry and in the commercial world as well.
These days his main leisure pursuits are walking around on a golf course and riding a bike in tight clothing (both are apparently good for you).


Irene is a CPA that has worked in public practice for over 25 years. During that time, she has worked with many people, many business owners across a variety of industries.

An area of strength that Irene provides to our team is the dedication to ensuring clients meet their day to day accounting and taxation obligations. She is very knowledgeable with Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and with using superannuation as a tool for wealth creation.

She has recently discovered going to the gym. Her deadlift capabilities are amazing. Other than the gym, Irene enjoys catching up with friends, fine dining, travelling and relaxing in front of the television.


Jo is a Chartered Accountant that brings a wealth of experience to our team. She owned her own practice in New Zealand providing business advisory services to the Small to Medium Sized business sector.

Working with a small practice allows Jo to use the full range of her experience and skills to ensure that business owners meet all their accounting, taxation and financial needs.

Areas of interest include profit enhancement and cashflow improvement.

Jo is our down to earth Kiwi team member (do not hold it against her) and in her own words not your typical suit. She is a gym junkie, enjoys walking and “chilling” with her family.