Tax and Bookkeeping (to reduce costs)

Tax and Bookkeeping (to reduce costs)2017-07-06T06:48:10+00:00

At the heart of our traditional services is our accounting, taxation and bookkeeping services. Outsourced Bookkeeping solution provides data processing service to capture day to day business transactions including sales, purchases, expenditure and payroll transactions.

Beyond bookkeeping, we provide our Accounting Services that compiles information from a client’s accounting software and transforms it into a format using Accepted Accounting Standards for use in management decision making, sourcing finance and for general compliance purposes.

Our final service in this core area is provision of Taxation Services to meet a range of obligatory requirements as well for legal minimisation of taxation.

While traditional in nature, we believe in the use of these services to promote and enhance cost reduction.

Our Outsourced Bookkeeping is provided as a fixed fee service. Using automation and cloud accounting we can provide this service more cost effectively when compared to on site or in-house solutions that many clients currently have or use. Unlike those other services, we look for opportunities to audit business costs, compare these to industry standards/ best practices and provide appropriate feedback to enable change.

Our taxation services are centred on more than just meeting your lodgement obligations. Tax is unwanted and unnecessary leakage from your pool of money. To maximise your position our services are geared at minimising the amount of money that is leaked out to tax. In doing this, we reduce the overall after tax cost of doing business to allow for more wealth creation opportunities.

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