Profit Planning Service

Profit Planning Service2017-06-26T04:28:50+00:00

A must for every business, a Profit plan should be the start of your business road map, regardless of whether you have been in business for one day or for twenty years. The live document created by the planning process acts as the GPS for your business for the coming year and years following.

Our service will assist you in formulating a road map that will impact your operational, personnel and marketing decisions.

The process will enable you to make strategic decisions about:

  • Your earning targets going forward;
  • The level of performance and profit required from the business to achieve the above target. We will empower you to understand key financial numbers that drive your business;
  • The type of customers you want to enable growth level to sustain earnings and profit targets;
  • Strategies to ensure new customers are acquired and existing customers are retained,
  • The types of services/products you will keep, additional services/products you will need and/or ones you will not provide;
  • Employee levels required to support the expected revenue levels;
  • The cost structures that ensure profit margins and overall profitability levels are maintained; and
  • Implementing reporting systems and procedures that will measure actual against expected performance, on a timely basis that will allow changes to be made to achieve desired outcomes.