Personal Cashflow Service

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Level 45 provides a range of services to improve business performance & profit and create wealth for our business clients. Many of these business owners are individuals that want and need assistance to accumulate wealth at a personal level.

In this area, we start by providing very focused taxation advice to minimise the amount of tax paid and the maximise after tax dollars retained. Areas we advise on include individual taxation deductions, investment and investment property claims, capital gains, termination payments, salary sacrifice, etc.

While the above is very important to personal financial management, equally as important is what happens to the additional funds created and ends up in the hands of the individual.

Our Cashflow Service is a very active and interactive money management program for individuals/families to better use their surplus cash or find the extra cash within your individual/family budget to allow you to invest and grow wealth. It is also suitable for individuals/families that are satisfied with the level of wealth but just want to save money for that special reward after a lifetime of work or simply for individuals/families that need relief from day to day Cashflow pressures.

Our service includes:

  • A Personal Financial Health Check – where we undertake a detailed questions and answers session, along with an analysis of your financial transactions for 90 days. A detailed report is then provided with the results;
  • Active Plan – we follow up the first stage with interactive planning sessions where we work on either reducing expenditure or finding better ways to manage your finances – with the goal of creating money monthly; and
  • Active Monitoring & Reporting – the final phase is to have regular monitoring of performance compared to targets and reporting of this performance back. This includes regular communication and accountability sessions to ensure goals are met.